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Multiple Serial – Arduino

I just implemented the Bluetooth interface to control my MP3 shield from an Android device. Here I ran across the need for using <mySerialPort>.listen(). The issue was that my Android application received transmissions from the Bluetooth connection but my Arduino application was ignoring transmissions from the Android application. I am also using a SoftwareSerial object […]

Android Bluetooth HC-05

I used code I found on the Internet that implemented a handler for Bluetooth communication with an Arduino and the HC-05 module. It worked for turning on and off the built-in led on the Arduino board. The Issue The data became sporadic when I tried to send more than a few bytes. The ‘ Led […]

Kooboo Page Redirect

I was looking at using the various URL Redirect settings in Kooboo to redirect all old page references. I found several cases where it didn’t seem to cooperate and couldn’t find any documentation on how the proxy worked so I decided to just use brute force. The following method seems to work and is easy […]

Your Domain name

Multiple Domain Mail Address Branding is an important part of marketing any product. When you look at successful products it might seems branding the product is where you start, and you do need distinct branding for your product, but to start you should think about the entity behind your product. If you have an established […]


This project which is provided in the samples of the Android SDK seems like a great entry point for a developer trying to get familiar with the Android environment quickly. This write-up will cover importing a sample from the Android SDK in the Android Studio. Fragments ListView GridView Multiple layouts Multiple densities Logging Mock data […]


Break an image into 9 areas and that is a Draw9Patch image. Below is an example.   The way it works is Four corners do not scale. Top and Bottom scale horizontally Left and Right sides scale vertically Center area scales both vertically and horizontally Why would you want to do this? In this example […]

Going Native – Android Development

I really believe in cross platform development but simply writing a working Cordova plugin has eluded me for days. In contrast I’ve had great success when I worked with native code examples. I was also working with Xamarin but it stopped working which prevented me from offering an honest evaluation of the product. It seems […]

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