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Going Native – Android Development

I really believe in cross platform development but simply writing a working Cordova plugin has eluded me for days. In contrast I’ve had great success when I worked with native code examples. I was also working with Xamarin but it stopped working which prevented me from offering an honest evaluation of the product. It seems […]

Switching Cell Phone Carriers

If you think your cell bill is too high check out Ting. Use the following link and get $25 off. Don’t take my word for it. Use Ting’s ‘Savings calculator’ to import your current bill and see how much you would save. My daughter, her in-laws, and my son have been saving 50-75 percent […]

Cost Analysis

Today ends the $100 campaign I spent on Facebook to launch my new Windows Phone application, TALKn2 Facebook. I purchased Clicks, Page Likes, and did a Page Boost over the past couple of weeks. These were carefully targeted and the end results are: = 75 to 80 likes. 9000 people saw my posts Page […]

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