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Kooboo Page Redirect

I was looking at using the various URL Redirect settings in Kooboo to redirect all old page references. I found several cases where it didn’t seem to cooperate and couldn’t find any documentation on how the proxy worked so I decided to just use brute force. The following method seems to work and is easy […]

Adding a javascript plug-in

There are many great javascript plug-ins and adding one to a Kooboo site is quite simple. In this example we are going to add the Jquery Star Rating Plug-in. The package includes Jquery is installed by default on Kooboo so we don’t need the jquery support files. You will need to copy the plug-in jquery.rating.js […]

Articles as a Pattern

The SampleSite offers Articles as a local repository. Articles provide a working example of: 1) Establishing a one-to-many relationship for organization and filtering 2) A Master-Detail (or one-to-many) relationship. Articles is an out-of-the-box (OOB) implementation of this pattern I am going to examine how these concepts were implemented. Review Looking at the Article.List View we […]

KooBoo – Articles and News (Part 2)

In the last post we install and created a KooBoo ModuleArea called DevSite. In this part we will examine the ‘Articles’ implementation and how it is wired. Controllers You can add custom Controllers to your Module. This allows incredible flexibility in what you can create and explains the magic behind the SampleModule. If you try […]

Kooboo – Articles and News (Part 1)

In my opinion the best way to get started with Kooboo is to download the Kooboo.CMS.ModuleArea.vsi file and install it. Then using the newly installed template create a new project. Create a Module step by step Download ModuleArea, PluginTemplate,and ExtensionsTemplate. For this blog you only need ModuleArea installed. Create a new Project, for this example […]

Working with KooBoo – Part 1

This series of blog posts will cover implementation of the Application Gallery used on  I share the experience to help others that are using KooBoo, or looking to use KooBoo CMS. The Problem I need an application gallery for the six applications I have in the Windows Store.  I’m looking for a content slider that […]

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