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Today ends the $100 campaign I spent on Facebook to launch my new Windows Phone application, TALKn2 Facebook.

I purchased Clicks, Page Likes, and did a Page Boost over the past couple of weeks. These were carefully targeted and the end results are: = 75 to 80 likes.

9000 people saw my posts

Page Boost for $20 = 4,864 people saw the link to the video which may have generated up to 20 viewings.

Google Analytics indicate that for the targeted market I may have generated up to 4 new downloads in the targeted area from a total of 14 globally.

Download reporting from the developer’s dashboard indicate zero downloads from the targeted area.

In summary, even if I give 100% credit for all traffic to the Facebook campaign, for $100 my Facebook Page now has 80 likes and may have generated a hand full of downloads of the free trial version of my 99 cent application.

In conclusion I did not see any significant movement in downloads created by the campaigns. As far as Facebook itself, for about $1 it appears you can get your video viewed by one person, a single Like, or a single Click on to a selected page.

I am certainly open to suggestions from anyone that has experienced success. Based on my analysis Facebook advertising is expensive. I offer this summary as reference for anyone who might be researching for real examples.

Updated: January 8, 2014 — 10:36 pm

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