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Kooboo – Articles and News (Part 1)

In my opinion the best way to get started with Kooboo is to download the Kooboo.CMS.ModuleArea.vsi file and install it. Then using the newly installed template create a new project.

Create a Module step by step

  1. Download ModuleArea, PluginTemplate,and ExtensionsTemplate. For this blog you only need ModuleArea installed.

  2. Create a new Project, for this example I’ll use DevSite.

  3. Globally locate and change ‘SampleModule’ to the name of your module, in this example ‘DevSite’ will be used

  4. Rename the SampleModule directory to DevSite so the file structure makes sense.

Run up the project by pressing F5 (Debug->Start Debugging) and you should be looking at an almost fully functional Kooboo site for Articles and News.

You can play if you would like but if you try to add a comment you will most likely get an error.

Articles Patch – Posting a comment

I needed to understand how to handle the HTTP Post to a local repository, like adding a Comment to an Article.

It turns out that that posting a comment doesn’t work, and below is the two step fix.

  1. Create a “Submission setting” using a built in Plug-in.
  2. Change Articles.Detail View to use the newly created “PostComment” submission setting.

Access the sites Admin page via http://<ip:port>/Admin using the username and password ‘admin’.

Using a built in Plug-in

Click on ‘SampleSite’ to access the site menu. Expand the Development menu, click on “Submission setting” and click Create. The name is “PostComment”. Select “AddTextContentPlugin” from the PluginType dropdown and change the Settings “FolderName” Value to “Comment”.


Change Article.Detail to use the SubmissionUrl instead of SubmissionHelper

Replace SubmissionHelper.CreateContentUrl() with @Url.FrontUrl.SubmissionUrl(“PostComment”)

There was also a change in the Comment ContentType so a little further replace “Summary” with “body” in three places. I would also make it a required field but that is optional.


The site is now fully functional and you have been introduced to a Submission setting, which replaced Submission services, all operating under the debugger.

In the next part I will reverse engineering the Articles implementation using the /Admin UI.

Updated: January 13, 2014 — 6:38 am

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