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Articles as a Pattern

The SampleSite offers Articles as a local repository. Articles provide a working example of:

1) Establishing a one-to-many relationship for organization and filtering

2) A Master-Detail (or one-to-many) relationship.

Articles is an out-of-the-box (OOB) implementation of this pattern I am going to examine how these concepts were implemented.


Looking at the Article.List View we can see it creates the links to ‘Articles/Detail/{UserKey}’ or ‘Articles/Detail/{UserKey}#comment’.

To verify you can navigate to or launch the Articles page and then hover over a title on the Article.List Page. Note the link’s URL matches the ‘Articles/Detail/{UserKey}’ where UserKey is the Title.


Articles Page – Article.List preview

Open the Article DataRule and note that there is a Filter setting UserKey == {UserKey}


If you examine the Articles.Detail Page setting for URL ROUTE you will see {UserKey} has been added to the URL path. This is also how you can set a default value.


Article.Detail Page

After reviewing the setup we are where the action happens for this task implementation, the Article.Detail page where we will address two tasks.

1) Add a Rating to the Comment.

2) Display the rating in the Comments list.

I will finish this post by identifying where these two tasks will be implemented.



Update from a View


That concludes the quick review but I wanted to end by noting that in this example the View updates the repository. It increments the ‘readings’ count. While not encouraged, it is nice to know how to perform a simple update from a view.

Updated: January 15, 2014 — 9:13 pm

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