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Going Native – Android Development

I really believe in cross platform development but simply writing a working Cordova plugin has eluded me for days. In contrast I’ve had great success when I worked with native code examples. I was also working with Xamarin but it stopped working which prevented me from offering an honest evaluation of the product.

It seems no matter which cross-platform solution I look at I spend all my time just trying to understand where everything is or where it needs to go and nothing seems to work as described and source that works but doesn’t match the documentation. You are pretty much on your own when it comes to figuring out why something isn’t working.

The difficulties and compromises introduced by cross platform solutions seem to make native code the best choice for medium or complex applications. I hope to run across something that will change my mind, but for now I’ve decided to go native.

Visual Studio has new project templates for Hybrid applications built on Cordova and I believe Cordova is the solution that will unify the platforms, it just isn’t there yet. I I will continue to use Cordova for simple applications and blog on my experiences.


Updated: May 28, 2014 — 9:43 pm

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