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Multiple Domain Mail Address

Branding is an important part of marketing any product. When you look at successful products it might seems branding the product is where you start, and you do need distinct branding for your product, but to start you should think about the entity behind your product.

If you have an established customer base naming your company after your product may makes sense. If you are just getting started on providing a Web presence for you application I recommend you start with a company name and site where you can market your application.

This does not prevent you from using a domain name for your product as well, and you can do so very inexpensively. You only have to establish a domain name registry and use it as an alias to your company domain name.


If I have a hosting account that provides email and a web server for ‘’ and I want to use ‘’ then I would establish ‘’ as an alias for ‘’ and setup a single email account for and as an email alias for Any email sent to will arrive at without any other setup. You can add as many aliases as you wish.

For me this solved the issue of maintaining legacy emails. I have maintained multiple email servers and multiple hosting accounts mostly to keep old email addresses alive. Now that I have reduced down to a single hosting account I have significantly less maintenance issues and pay a lot less for hosting.

Domain Name Don’ts

While the dash (-) is a legal character in a domain name, it is difficult to explain to people when giving an email address so I recommend you avoid using it.

Avoid trademarks in your Domain name unless they belong to you. For example, I operated (note the dash in the name) for years long before Facebook existed. It is considered ‘illegal’ in some applications because of the dash, and because of the word Face. Needless to say, I don’t use that domain anymore.

Keep it simple. For a domain name that will be used in email especially, shorter is better and it should be easy to spell. Listen to what it sounds like, compared to

Don’t use terms that are not understood. I have as one of my domains. The first problem is that while I know what a Pivot is, confuses people because the word pivot is not commonly used. Face in the name is the other problem.

I am now using and for the most part that is working. I find people question it so I have to spell it more often than I would like but they seem to get it down right the first time.


Good luck with your efforts. I hope this helps avoid some of the mistakes I have made.

NOTE: If you need any assistance creating a logo, icon, or web site I have found to be quick and inexpensive.

Updated: July 15, 2014 — 8:05 pm

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