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I now realize I am responsible for getting my products discovered. As a software architect and application developer I didn’t give it a lot of thought before.

So what do the experts say? Not much of any use, at least from what I’ve seen.

Point #1: Advertising in the trial version of an application does not get your application discovered. If you just stop and think it is obvious that application advertising only works after your software gets discovered.

Point #2: There are natural stimulus, like when an application is featured in the Windows Store. That seems to generate 2 – 10 downloads in a day, which is better than nothing but far from being discovered.

Point #3: Ratings. Even with a popup to remind and make it super easy the ratings don’t appear. It takes a lot of users to get a rating!

What does work? For getting downloads it seems contests are great. You should be aware that after the contest is over the user-base disengages so don’t get too excited.

I thought the problem was that I tried to create a new market, so I switched development to applications that were in the main stream of activities; Facebook, speech recognition, and texting. I figured that would provide both an audience and marketing tools.


For the TALKn2 series I setup as a way to reach Facebook users.

The first goal was to establish 100+ likes from a targeted market campaign. It has been a week and at $5 per day I’m up to 59 likes.

I have created a video demonstrating TALKn2 Facebook and today I am trying a $20 Boost page of that post targeted at the US for people showing an interest in Windows Phone 8. I’ll reveal any insight from that in a future post.

I am keeping a journal of my efforts in hopes it will help someone getting started and provide space for anyone to share their story of how they got their application discovered. Please leave comments.



Updated: January 8, 2014 — 10:37 pm

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