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Switching Cell Phone Carriers

If you think your cell bill is too high check out Ting. Use the following link and get $25 off. Don’t take my word for it. Use Ting’s ‘Savings calculator’ to import your current bill and see how much you would save. My daughter, her in-laws, and my son have been saving 50-75 percent […]

Android Mobile Hash Key

I spent a good part of today looking through the steps for debugging my first Android mobile application. Setup on Facebook requires a hash key. I couldn’t find much on where to find a value for a Cordova application other than for debugging it is automatically generated. I finally trace the location figured out how […]

SQLite and PCM-MVVMCross

SQLite and Window Phone (or Window Store) Applications Working with SQLite and MVVMCross plugins I’ve established a ‘sweet’ environment to work in. However, SQLite for MVVMCross and the Portable Class Library doesn’t seem ‘tree ready’. I’d love to hear from anyone on how to use WITH RECURSIVE (if it is part of this version) but […]

WP8 & Win8 PCL Localization

The Portable Class Library (PCL) is the recommended solution for sharing code between Windows Store and Windows Phone 8 applications. The previous blog I walked through the setup of the projects but I didn’t realize that my favorite tool, Multilingual App Toolkit doesn’t seem to be available in the PCL, and the PCL is where […]

WP8 and Win8 – Sharing Code

Today I started a new project with the idea of taking full advantage of the converging code base between Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. The first step in this process was to establish a skeleton framework with a Portable Class Library to share the code. I like to establish directory structures to organize […]

Adding a javascript plug-in

There are many great javascript plug-ins and adding one to a Kooboo site is quite simple. In this example we are going to add the Jquery Star Rating Plug-in. The package includes Jquery is installed by default on Kooboo so we don’t need the jquery support files. You will need to copy the plug-in jquery.rating.js […]

Articles as a Pattern

The SampleSite offers Articles as a local repository. Articles provide a working example of: 1) Establishing a one-to-many relationship for organization and filtering 2) A Master-Detail (or one-to-many) relationship. Articles is an out-of-the-box (OOB) implementation of this pattern I am going to examine how these concepts were implemented. Review Looking at the Article.List View we […]

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